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Nursery Tour of an amazing baby's room featuring a handmade tree bookshelf.  A cozy bedroom for a new baby and his parents decorated in blues and greys with rustic shiplap and custom crib + change table.    Photographed near Woodstock, Ontario by Rachael Little Photography. 

Well Designed Nurseries, Part 4: A Tour of Malcolm's Room

Here's part four in my 4 part series on well designed baby nurseries.  If you've missed any, you have to check out Parts One, Two & Three.

I have been so excited to share this nursery with you. You can really see the love that went into designing all the elements of the room. The first thing I noticed when I walked in was the calm & harmonious feel.  The kind of room both grown-ups and kids would be happy in. It's also nice that this nursery design will transition well into a child's room, without having to change too much.  There are a lot of gorgeous elements that come together nicely, because the colour scheme has a nice rhythm throughout the nursery.  All the furniture in this room was handmade by Malcolm's Dad, Rob, including the crib, change table and of course the gorgeous tree bookshelf.  So without further adieu, here is Malcolm's blue + white room:

A baby boy with his mom in his grey, white and blue nursery. 

As I mentioned, Malcolm's crib was handmade by his Dad, Rob.  It is a beautiful solid wood piece and was made to modern specifications for safety reasons.  Malcolm's mom, Kristie, had this to say about the crib;

"it is very important that anyone looking to build their own crib follow specific guidelines and regulations for crib safety. I regularly asked Rob if he was sure it was safe for our baby. He was very diligent in researching crib safety requirements and assured me that our crib would be more safe than necessary. To decide what we wanted to do for the crib, we went around to stores and looked for designs that we liked and then he found design online and then he modified the look of it so it would fit what we wanted."
A handmade crib painted with grey chalk paint and blue linens.  Photographed near Woodstock, ON  by Rachael Little Photography. 

Another feature of the nursery, is the horizontal barn board wall. It really anchors the crib & adds a nice texture and warmth. 

Toddler smiling while playing in his crib. Photographed near Woodstock, ON  by Rachael Little Photography. 

I asked Kristie about the inspiration for Malcolm's room:

"I knew right from the start that our nursery was going to be blue whether we had a boy or girl. I love the colour blue. Rob and I both really like a rustic look so when I found the picture of the blue toned barn boards online, that's where everything started. We wanted a room that Malcolm could grow into and like for a long time. Not something that we would need to change over and over."
Nursery for a baby boy.  Photographed near Woodstock, ON  by Rachael Little Photography. 
Baby boy nursery & bedroom with barn board feature wall. Photographed near Woodstock, ON  by Rachael Little Photography. 
"On the change table we have an area for wipes, bum creams and lotions and on the other end we have burp cloths. All readily accessible to grab in a hurry.  I also have found that using cloth diapers at home saves us a lot of money. They are so easy to wash, it makes things easy. My last one would be my lazy boy! I absolutely love it. At first I bought a rocker, glider that is the perfect colour of grey to fit in the room but then I realized soon after Malcolm was born that it was not a good place to sleep. So we bought a lazy boy. It has made life so much better and if we fell asleep in there, necks and backs did not hurt in the morning."
Very organized closet in baby boy nursery. Photographed near Woodstock, ON  by Rachael Little Photography. 
"The closet is very organized and clothes are easily accessible. We have storage for items that we don't need all the time. We have a little play/ sitting corner for Malcolm so that he can enjoy playing in his room too. We purchased blackout curtains so the room would be dark for sleeping. We put dimmer lights so it is not really bright when your settling in for nap or bed. Also a comfy chair for the room that you can sleep in is very important."
Custom made & handcrafted change table.  Photographed near Woodstock, ON  by Rachael Little Photography. 
Handmade change table in baby boys nursery. Photographed near Woodstock, ON  by Rachael Little Photography. 
Nursery with custom furniture painted blue and white with barnboard feature wall. Photographed near Woodstock, ON  by Rachael Little Photography. 

I think my favourite element of the room is the handmade bookshelf.  Kristie had this to say about it's construction and why they were inspired to build it: 

"I wanted a book shelf in Malcolm's room because I love to read kids books and I hope that he will learn to love reading as well. So, I looked online for book shelves. Since we had the barn board wall up there already, I thought the tree would fit well. My husband loves to build things so I asked him if he would be able to make me a tree for Malcolm's room. I gave him three different ideas of trees and of course he chose the one that would be most difficult. He is very determined, so he found a plan online, and figured out how he was going to make it. He cut out 8 trees using MDF and then glued each of the layers together. He then sanded it all down and painted it. It is attached to the wall with anchors can hold a lot of weight in case one day our little monkey thinks he can climb the book shelf. Now we are able to easily grab books from the tree every night when one of us reads Malcolm stories before he goes to bed."
Seven foot tall handmade tree bookshelf for kids room.  Photographed near Woodstock, ON  by Rachael Little Photography. 
Baby Boy reading book next to tree bookshelf. Photographed near Woodstock, ON  by Rachael Little Photography. 
Baby reading a book. 

Don't you love it? I know many kids would LOVE an amazing bookshelf like Malcolm's! I'm so happy Kristie, Rob + Malcolm allowed me to share their space with you!

I hope you enjoyed the nursery tours as much as I did!  I'm thinking of continuing this series as a regular blog feature. I love design and I feel like a babies nursery is a place you can be a little more creative with decorating.  If you or someone you know has an amazing nursery space you'd like to share, I'd love for you to get in touch or email me a few sample images of your nursery here:  In the meantime you can follow me on Instagram @rachael.little or sign up to my newsletter for updates!