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Photograph of a mom with her baby in a pink and white girls baby nursery, designed by Stylish Jaclyn Harper Colville. Features Nestled by Snuggle Bugz furniture, wallpaper decal from Rocky Mountain Decals. Photographed by Rachael Little Photography near Burlington, Ontario.  

Well Designed Nurseries, Part 5: A Tour of Evie's girlie baby nursery.

Welcome back to my Well Designed Nurseries Feature!  I started this series last July to inspire expectant parents with design ideas for their new baby's room! It's also a exciting way for parents to get a peek inside real nurseries. I know it's not just me who has fun seeing how other families keep their lives organized and their living spaces looking good, too.  Later this week I'll also be sharing all the details for our instagram contest so that YOU can win a chance to be featured on the blog, and receive a mini photo shoot from me, Rachael Little Photography. So if you're not already, make sure you're following me on instagram @rachael.little so you can take part!

I'm so excited to be sharing acclaimed stylist Jaclyn Harper's (Colville) daughter's nursery!  Photographing baby Evie's GORGEOUS nursery was such a highlight for me.  I met Jaclyn at a photography workshop a couple years ago while I was just pregnant with my daughter. Little did we know, that life would be so different for both of us just a few years later. Now Jackie is a mom herself and working full time as an interior stylist. Be sure to follow Jaclyn Harper for more design inspiration on instagram: @jaclynhdesigns.  Jackie has some serious skills and you may recognize her from her TV appearances and work on CHCH Morning Live. She's even worked with the Property Brothers! Check out the rest of her BEAUTIFUL home transformation, here.

For anyone with a small space, take note - Jaclyn's clever design and choice of furnishings allowed for an otherwise tiny bedroom to feel spacious. Plus she's ensured that everything she'd need for a functional baby nursery was included, and then some. And that's no small feat, because babies come with a lot of STUFF!

Image of beautiful pink nursery with Fiddle Leaf Fig and Snuggle Bugz Crib and dresser. Styled and Designed by Jaclyn Harper Colville in Burlington Ontario. Photographed by Rachael Little Photography of Woodstock ON.

 When I walked into Evie's beautiful baby nursery, the first thing I noticed was this floral wallpaper.  The crazy thing is that, the bones of this room are actually quite neutral. Jaclyn used accessories and accents to add colour...except for this bold wallpaper....BUT the wallpaper is actually a DECAL!  When you're tired of it, you can peel it off and your walls won't get ruined!!  Genius...right?!  Jaclyn ordered this print from Rock Mountain Decals

A picture of a girls floral nursery with crib and dresser from Snuggle Bugz and floral decal from Rocky Mountain decals. Designed by Jaclyn Harper Designs in Burlington, Ontario. Photographed by Rachael Little Photography near Woodstock, Ontario. 
Beautiful girls nursery with  floral watercolour wall decal. Photographed by Rachael Little Photography in Woodstock, Ontario. 

I love how Jaclyn created a reading nook out of this tiny corner by using simple IKEA picture ledges and some of these wonderful children's books. It's a great way to encourage reading and use books as art, too.  Pictured below is beautiful pink bedding and a nursery monitor from Motorola, so you can keep an eye on your little one while they sleep without disturbing them!

Photograph of baby's nursery taken by Rachael Little Photography in Woodstock ON. 

The white walls make this room feel spacious, light and airy. Jaclyn chose a warmer floor and layered rugs to warm up the space, so it still feel cozy for baby Evie.

Picture of girls nursery in white with pink and green accents. Designed by Jaclyn Harper Colville in Burlington ON and Photographed by Rachael Little Photography -- Woodstock, Ontario.

I love the pops of green throughout the space. From the washes of watercolour in the wallpaper, to the fiddle leaf fig in the corner. The fresh hint of green is just enough to accent the softness of this room without overwhelming the small space. 

Happy Mama, Jaclyn Harper Colville in her well designed girls baby nursery in Burlington ON. Photographed by Rachael Little Photography, Woodstock ON.
Beautiful baby girls nursery in Canada. Space designed and styled by Jaclyn Harper. Photographed by Rachael Little Photography in Woodstock, ON. 

The scale of the furniture is perfect for the room, as well Jaclyn chose to double a dresser as a change station to minimize the number of furniture pieces. If you like what you see in the nursery, Jaclyn has listed all of the items and where to buy on the Snuggle Bugz Blog, here

Mama and her baby in their girlie nursery. Floral print nursery with pink and green accents. Styled by Jaclyn Harper. Photographed by Rachael Little Photography.

I hope you enjoyed touring this beautiful space as much as I did!  Thank you so much to Jaclyn + Evie for letting me tour your home...especially since it was during nap time! 



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