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Photograph of a toddler playing dress-up in her contemporary nursery in pink and grey. Photographed by Rachael Little Photography near Woodstock, Ontario.  

Well Designed Nurseries, Part 2: A Tour of Kate's room.

Welcome to day two of my Well Designed Nurseries Feature!  This is a four part blog series that I'll be sharing with you all this week.  If you missed out on part one, check out Zander's rustic modern nursery, here.

Today's nursery belongs to my adorable and spunky niece, Kate! She's my sister Chelsea's daughter, and you may recognizer her sweet face from my very talented sister's photography business, Chelsea Lipskey Newborn + Baby Photographer.  Chelsea designed Kate's nursery to grow with her so that she could adjust the space as her needs change.  From baby to toddler, Chelsea has made some minor tweaks to the function of the space, but overall the light and cheerful esthetic has remained the same!

The first thing you'll notice are all the beautiful photos and personal items in Kate's room!  It's a very open and uncluttered room, however it feels very welcoming because of all the displayed artwork & family pictures. 

Chic Grey + Pink Nursery for a girl, featuring LED floor lamp, butterfly prints and white dresser.  Photographed by Rachael Little Photography in Woodstock, Ontario. 

The framed butterfly above the crib was inked by Grandmother, Kelly, a local artist. Kelly also painted the butterfly canvas beside the reading nook. Lots of family pictures fill the's clear that mom is a photographer!

Family Photo Collage in a baby girl nursery. 
A photograph of a reading nook in a baby nursery with a butterfly painting placed above the recliner. Photography by Rachael Little Photography in Woodstock, Ontario. 

I asked Chelsea about why she chose to design the space the way she did, and she had this to say:

"We really tried to stay budget friendly, by using what we had and things that were given to us. I started with a garden theme but kept finding nest and butterfly accessories, so I used that as a jumping off point.  My mom kept with the theme & painted the butterfly piece, and she sketched the butterfly above the crib."
Clever Storage Solutions in a girls nursery. Photography by Rachael Little Photography in Woodstock, Ontario. 

Can you tell me about the significance of the box with birch trees on it?

"My mom painted a wooden box and gifted it to Kate at her first Christmas. She did this for all the grandkids. Each year she writes a letter to each grandchild and it is placed in their respective boxes. The letters remain sealed in the box until their 18th birthday, when they'll get to open and read them. It's a wonderful tradition that I hope to carry on someday."
Baby girls nursery

What are your must have items and tips for someone bringing home a brand new baby?

"We love our rocker.  It makes nursing really easy and it's so comfortable to have in the nursery. Both my babies were also huge fans of being swaddled, so I couldn't live without our swaddling blankets.  I prefer the large stretchy kind, in order to get a good swaddle that doesn't come undone easily. We also love our white noise machine as it really helps to drown out the other sounds from the older siblings during her nap time." 
Unique spot to store hairbands in baby girls nursery. 
Contemporary baby nursery in Bungalo
A photograph of a miniature wicker chair for kids. 
Stories for 2 year olds

Chelsea and I both skipped change tables in our nursery and Chelsea will explain why:

"Living in a bungalow, it's important to be able to use your space for many different purposes, and we just didn't have room for a change table.  We have a dresser to store her diapers, a portable change pad and wipes. We had a change table in my older son's nursery however we only used it for so long because he started to get bigger and roll around. We change Kate on the floor in her room and it's easier for us because I don't have to worry about her rolling off the change table and I can usually distract her during a diaper change with a toy or books."
Smiling baby girl after a diaper change. Photographed by Rachael Little Photography in Woodstock, Ontario. 
Baby girl playing in her bedroom, reading stories. 

Kate is a toddler, and a very independent one, too!  I love that her room has her toys and books at her level.  Her dresser is even long and low so that she can play dress up with her clothes or even get dressed and ready for her day! This is great for families living all on one level, because the bedrooms can have lots of space for play and swapping new/old toys in and out as they get bored of them. 

Adorable baby girl reading a book in her room. 
Toddler playing in her crib
Toddler playing dress-up in her nursery. Photographed by Rachael Little Photography in Woodstock, Ontario. 
Toddler playing dressup.
Toddler playing with her dollies. 

I hope you enjoyed part two. Tomorrow I have a special announcement (HINT: it's about Woodstock Summer Streetfest) + Thursday I'll be sharing a beautiful and very cleverly laid out TWIN NURSERY!  It features DIY handmade furniture, vintage pieces and many repurposed items.  You're going to love it! Keep watching this space for more details, and happy designing!