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Photograph of twin nursery, featuring custom made crib for two.  The crib features two wings and a common area in the middle.  The side of each crib is monogrammed with the twin's names.  Photographed in London, Ontario by Rachael  Little Photography. 

Well Designed Nurseries, Part 3: A Tour of twin nursery, Alex & Jack. 

I am so so so excited to be able to share part three of my four part series on well designed nurseries!!  If you missed part one and two of this series, you have to check out Zander's Rustic Modern space, and Kate's Contemporary Pink + Grey room, too.

Today's blog is a must read for parents of multiples:  a cleverly designed twin nursery that is not only beautiful but functional. Talk about important when you're living the twin life!

I first met Alex and Jack's mom, Michelle when I was pregnant last year. I was suffering with shoulder + hip pain and several of my friends suggested I check out chiropractic care.  I asked around & Dr. Michelle Campbell came highly recommended!  Michelle is an award winning London, ON based chiropractor with an excellent reputation for her work with children, babies and expectant mothers. Needless to say, if you're looking for an amazing chiropractor I'd highly recommend checking her out.  

Custom made crib for twins

When Michelle and her husband had twins a few months ago, I was thrilled that she invited me to tour the space.  The first thing you'll notice is THAT CRIB! Did I mention the crib? It's a beautifully designed piece with monogrammed headboards and a common area between each wing. The best part?  It was handcrafted by Dad + Grandpa! Here's what Michelle had to say about design inspiration:

"The biggest factor in our nursery design was creating it around twins.  We knew that twins like to be close together, and since my Dad is a carpenter by trade and my husband is getting into woodworking, it was a fun thing to do together to create the twin crib.  It was a ton of work, but worth it for our babies to have such a beautiful crib and something that can be passed on to future generations."
Double crib for twin babies.

The crib makes excellent use of space in the nursery.  It also tucks perfectly into the corner, wrapping around the room, beautifully.  Rather than use a conventional change table, Michelle converted her handmade desk by making some small adjustments and adding a change pad. 

"(for the change table) we repurposed the desk that my Dad and I made about 6 years ago, because it had lots of drawers for storage.  Re-purposing saves money on furniture that we can spend on all the baby stuff we need."
Gorgeous tree decal placed above custom made twin crib.

Michelle and Chris added a large scale decal above the crib, creating a nice focal point for the twins to gaze at in the morning + before bed. The pair of rockers beside the change table are from family on both sides.  Little touches like these create the perfect balance between heirloom and contemporary pieces. 

"We love old and new together, so we liked the new crib, combined with my mom's old rocking chair and my husband's old rocking chair, bringing in more family furniture.  We also repurposed a shelf from my chiropractic college days and the first dresser I refinished about 5 years ago.   Organization with twins is key, so we put in a closet organizer to help with storage.  Chris loves trees and nature, so we wanted the big tree in the nursery to represent growth and bringing the two sides of the walls together."
Rocking chair with quilt next to converted desk change table.
Nursery with crocheted blanket over crib.
Hand painted vintage dresser. Rustic Sign in nursery - Be Happy Dream Big. 
Nursery with adorable rocking chair with dinosaur blanket.
Very Organized his and her closet for a twin baby nursery.
his and her nursery for twins
organized nursery closet

Michelle had this to say about essentials for twin life: 

"Essentials for twin life are PATIENCE!  Organization is key and we set up our nursery so we could easily put one baby down and be kept safe, while we can pick up and change the other baby.  Efficiency is also a top priority, so making sure everything is easily accessible (why we took closet doors off) and within reach is helpful.   Essential products are a baby swing and baby vibrating chair so you can put one baby down to be happy while holding the other."
Repurposed desk serves wonderfully as baby change table in this twin nursery. Photographed by Rachael Little Photography in Woodstock, ON.
a mama changing her baby in a cozy and colourful nursery
Portrait of a mama with her twin baby in her nursery. Photographed by Rachael Little Photography in London, ON.

Before I left Dr. Michelle demonstrated how she does a chiropractic adjustment on babies as young as her twins!  It was so cute to see how tiny Alex and Jack looked on the big adjustment table!  I'm always impressed with how gentle the whole process is.  What lucky babies to have such a smart Mom! 

Photograph of Dr. Michelle Campbell performing a chiropractic adjustment on a newborn baby in London, ON. Photograph by Rachael Little Photography. 
Photograph of Dr. Michelle Campbell performing a chiropractic adjustment on a newborn baby in London, ON. Photograph by Rachael Little Photography. 
Sweet look of love from a mama to her baby.

I hope you enjoyed seeing this beautiful nursery. Thanks to Michelle and Chris for allowing us to peek at the amazing space you created for the twins!  Be sure to check back tomorrow for Malcolm's Nursery, featuring his floor-to-ceiling tree book shelf!