Beantown | My favourite bistro in Woodstock Business Feature

 Beantown Coffee Company Woodstock is a premier bistro in Woodstock, Ontario.  They have a large selection of locally roasted beans available!  

Large with just a bit of sugar.  No cream.  

Woodstock Coffee Shops

I am a self-confessed coffee fanatic.  And it's not all about the caffeine, I swear!  I honestly just love the comfort and warmth of a rich tasting cup 'o joe.

About two years ago I started to get into grinding my own beans, and experimenting with different blends.  After realizing the potential and diversity of coffee flavours, I found myself wishing some of the larger coffee chains offered more unique & exciting blends.

Then, I discovered

Beantown Coffee Co.  If you haven't been, you need to pop into this funky little bistro on Reeve Street in Woodstock.  (Just across from City Hall, beside the Oxford County Building).

Beantown Woodstock

The only thing better than their coffee are the people that work there.  I love going into the shop and picking up a coffee for me and my mom.  I really look forward to chatting with the staff and catching up on what's new.  It's a nice way to start the day.

Oh.  And did I mention the coffee? The. Coffee. Is. DIVINE!  After raving at great length to the owner, Carl Bloomfield, we both thought it would be a great idea to meet up so we could chat, and I could take some pictures, & tell you more about this amazing little shop.

Beantown Woodstock

The first thing I noticed when I stepped into Beantown was the abundance of local products.  Both Fire Roasted Coffee Company & Las Chicas del Cafe are locally roasted (in Southern Ontario) and social responsible coffee companies.  If you're mindful of where you are getting your coffee from, you can rest assured that these are ethical beans, with many of them organically grown.

Beantown has about 4 house blends brewed and ready, however Carl and his staff are happy to make you a cafe Americano in any blend, fresh to order, with their espresso machine.  They are a fully equipped bistro with everything needed to make your latte, espresso, cappuccino or tea!  There are also sandwiches from Paninos, a wide selection of loose leaf teas, Kosuma treats, Kind snacks, local bake shop goods and Pulp & Press raw juice!  Oh and the chocolate.  The fabulous Habitual chocolate.

Woodstock Coffee Place

Carl takes his coffee black, and has even been on a coffee tasting (think wine tasting tour, but for coffee).  Lots of his knowledge comes from his love of coffee and all that he has learned through his friendship with the folks at Fire Roasted Coffee.  He admits he loves the good conversations that go along with a warm java, too.  I can relate.  When I have a coffee in my hand I will often take a little bit longer than planned, as the conversations seem to flow a bit easier.

Beantown Blend

I stayed for about an hour, and enjoyed the bustle of coffee lovers in and out.  Everyone smiling and most of the customers were regulars, too.

I was treated to an espresso before I went home.  Despite my Italian heritage, I've never had one (at least not like this).  I had it black and it was amazingly smooth and unexpectedly creamy!  Something tells me I will be enjoying espresso more often.

I took a coffee to go and wished I could have stayed for the rest of the day.

If you still haven't been to Beantown, make sure you stop by on your way to work or even at lunchtime for a soup or sandwich.  Their coffee makes for a guilt free daily treat, and you can feel good supporting an amazing local business!