CANOE COME OUT TO PLAY WITH ME? | Woodstock Cottage Life Photographer

I spent the long weekend up at our cottage.  The weather was beautiful, and the company was great too ; ) I really had a hard time leaving on  Monday.  I may have been dragging my feet a bit.  Right before we left our friend Kevin showed us a canoe in progress he's working on.

Kevin lives in Blind River and this is the second cedar strip canoe he has made.  This one in particular is nearing completion.  It was a real pleasure seeing how such an enormous project like this comes together:

First cedar strips are cut and then glued together and gently stapled onto forms.  When the glue dries the staples are removed.  Can you see the little dots where the staples were?

A kevlar coating is applied to the canoe.  It is a lot like fibreglass.  Basically, you apply a lightweight woven fabric to the canoe, and seal it in place with a sort of polymer mixture.  It is painted on and smoothed out.  This coat is applied three or four times and sanded between coats to remove any runs, bubbles or cosmetic flaws.

Truly impressive!  Can't wait to see the finished product!