A can’t-mess-it-up checklist for your very first newborn session | Woodstock Newborn Photographer

A helpful checklist for your very first in-studio newborn photography session with Rachael Little Photography, in Woodstock, Ontario. 

I put together this amazingly-helpful newborn session checklist, for you!  These items will not only make your session more comfortable (seriously...when you've just had a baby...you deserve nothing but comfort) but they will also get you thinking about the finished images + coffee table book + wall art, too.

I've broken it down into three parts: "Items to bring", "Items to talk about" and "Items to think about".  Also included are a few helpful hints.

Newborn session basics:

Ultimately, my goal for you during your newborn session for you to enjoy your baby and make to sure that you are comfortable and relaxed!  After the hard work of labour, you deserve some downtime to rest and take it all in.  The sessions are approximately 3-4 hours, so you might as well get comfortable!  It is a good idea to dress in layers as my studio is exactly 28 degrees celsius (very very warm).  This temperature is for the benefit of your baby.  In utero babies are used to temperatures in the range of 38 degrees, so room temperature seems quite chilly to them.  The heat makes babies (and parents) quite sleepy.  I have a comfortable sofa for you to stretch out on, and if you doze off or snore for a moment, I promise I won't tell : )

Woodstock Newborn Photographer

Items to bring:

-lots of diapers & diaper wipes

-a spare shirt for yourself and your partner (yes it can be a comfy one!)

-extra clothes for your baby

-if breastfeeding, drink plenty of fluids!

-if bottle feeding, bring lots for baby to drink

-any items/props that you'd like to see incorporated into the session

-a snack for yourself

-a pacifier (if you are choosing to use them)

Items to talk about:

-what colour scheme do you want the photos (soft neutrals, rich jewel tones, classic creams, rustic warm browns) 

**Hint: how your home is decorated may give you a clue to what you are drawn to**

-what are your favourite newborn poses/images?

(browse my portfolio for inspiration)

-What family portraits are must haves on your list? (ie, your new baby with a sibling, baby with Dad, baby snuggling with Mom)

Hat Newborn

Items to think about:

-what do you want to do with these photos? (enlarge for display on the wall, put into a photo album, add to your baby book)

-will you be sending out birth announcements? What style? (clean and modern, fresh and bright, rustic and natural)

Woodstock Newborn Photography

Some Helpful tips:

-If breastfeeding, try to avoid caffeine the morning of the session.  Caffeine can keep your newborn baby awake and sometimes even upset their tummy.

-don't worry if your baby won't settle during the session- sometimes it takes time!  You can take as much time feeding your baby as you need, too.  A happy baby is a happy family! -Enjoy this time with your little one!  It's such a special time, and I feel so honored when anyone selects me to document those first few days.

I hope this checklist helps to make baby's first photo day everything you could ask for!

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