A different kind of newborn | Woodstock Photographers

I spend most of my days cuddling, rocking, settling and photographing newborns (not necessarily in that order, either). Today I spent some time photographing a different type of newborn baby. These adorable calves are from anywhere between 1 and 14 days old.  It's amazing how they walk right away.

The other thing is, their mothers are quite protective, so you must be cautious when going into the barn to say hello.  Like most moms, they are looking out for the best for their babes. They keep a close eye on you - but if you are calm and gentle - they know you mean no harm.  It really is beautiful.  Their eyes are just stunning.

New babies of any kind make my heart skip a beat.

Woodstock Farm Baby Calf Baby Calves Baby Cow Woodstock

Oh!  I feel you Mama cow.  You must be so tired.  Great work.

Thanks to Scott Sumsion for showing us around your beautiful farm today.  Thank you to Carrie Sumsion for inviting my family!  My son loved seeing the "baby cows" and the "tractor".  I couldn't have asked for a nicer day.