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Perhaps you've noticed that I'm a bit of a health nut.  Of course I use that term affectionately, because I think it's important to care about your body, but also not to take yourself too seriously in the pursuit of healthy living.  Our family just does the best we can and takes it one day at a time.  The little improvements we've made over the years have really changed the way I feel in such a positive way.

Oddly enough, my dive into healthful living began with a prescription for antibiotics.  I did a little reading about my prescription and learned that some antibiotics were loosing their effectiveness and super bugs were being created.  I also learned that antibiotics are very hard on the body and can have many side effects.  This is when I thought to myself..."what did we do before penicillin?"  "What happened to people suffering from ear infections before antibiotics came about?"  That's what inspired me to research alternative medicine and I stumbled across local Homeopathic Practitioner Julia Smyth of Highland Homeopathy. Twelve years later, I'm feeling great and I take my son in to see her, too!

I recently met up with Julia...took some photos...and of course, I had to pick her brain on some helpful hints on homeopathy.  You can catch up with Julia at her website, here.

What do you love most about what you do?
What I love is that the whole person is treated, and when they get better, they improve at the mental and emotional level as well as the physical.  I get great pleasure out of my clients responding:  "my headaches are much better, my anxiety hasn't come up since I last saw you, I got yelled at by my boss and I didn't even get upset, I didn't know my joints would improve as well, my blood pressure is better," etc. etc.

What sort of common ailments can you treat with Homeopathy?
Acute ailments would include:  allergies, common colds, coughs and flus, earraches, sore throats, injuries, headaches, fevers, food poisoning, digestive issues, motion sickness, bladder issues, skin problems, bed-wetting, vomiting, boils and abscesses, ringworm, heat or sunstroke, insect bites and stings, dental issues, and the list goes on and on....
Chronic issues would include arthritis, fibromyalgia, faulty immune system, multiple issues, irritable bowel syndrom, family tendency toward cancer, heart disease, mental illness, etc. etc

Julia Smyth

In your opinion, describe the top-five-must-have homeopathic remedies,to keep handy in your first aid kit:
Arnica is a definite must, and should be in every home and every sport bag as the first remedy given for any assault to the body ranging from a stubbed toe to a severe blow to the head.  Next would be Hypericum, which is good for any injury to nerve-rich areas such as crushed fingers, shooting pains in the teeth, falls on the tailbone, or puncture wounds.  Ledum should be kept as well and taken with Hypericum for puncture wounds, and bites or stings.  The other two would be Rhus tox and Ruta which are great after Arnica is given for injuries to the tendons or ligaments, such as in sprains or strains.  I would also have to add one more, Staphysagria, which is invaluable after a person has felt assaulted in some way, such as having received a nasty cut, an insect bite or sting, or pain after feeling angry and unable to express it.

Can you treat young children with homeopathy?
Absolutely!  Homeopathic remedies are non-toxic, non-addictive and safe for newborn children, unborn children and nursing mothers.  Common conditions treated are morning sickness (for the mother), teething problems, sleep problems, emotional issues, earraches, cradle cap, colic, croup, thrush, chicken pox and other childhood maladies, and many other conditions, some of which are mentioned above.
Highland Homeopathy Woodstock
I've heard that homeopathy is effective with pets - can you tell me more about that?
Pets respond very well to homeopathy.  Like people, they have emotional states that go with their physical states and are prescribed on those factors.  The challenge is that the pets, like young children, can't vocalize how they're feeling and must be observed carefully.  Some conditions that can be helped are behavioural issues, jealousy, bladder problems, skin issues, injuries, arthritis, and more.

Can you recommend any resources for someone looking to learn more about homeopathy?
Two terrific websites are www.extraordinarymedicine.org, and www.nupath.org.  There are many other websites about homeopathy.  There are numerous books on Amazon and other book sites as well as in libraries and health food stores.  Most homeopaths will also give free information sessions to help you decide if homeopathy is for you.

I hope you are enjoying these local  business features, and of course, thank  you to Julia for the helpful hints.  If you are interested in learning more, Julia is an invaluable resource and practices out of Woodstock.  Feel free to show her some love and 'like' her facebook page here.