Isn't she lovely? | Woodstock Newborn Photographer

Being a newborn photographer is one of the best parts of my job.  That new baby smell...their sleepy little faces...those adorable little coos.  I could go on for hours!  My sister and I were lucky enough to photograph Charlotte a few weeks ago.  We couldn't get over how much hair she had!  She is a beautiful girl! Charlotte's mom and dad have been my neighbours for the past five years.  We have always been neighbourly, but it wasn't until recently that we got better acquainted!  We realized a few months ago that we are all about the same age, and have  many of the same interests, but we weren't spending nearly enough time together.   Other than the occasional chat while shoveling snow from our driveways, we hadn't really taken advantage of living so close!   As a way to get better acquainted, we decided to do this photo shoot together.   It was certainly an awesome first step in getting to know each other better.

Here are a few highlights from the session:

Newborn pink blanket

So peaceful!  Turns out that Charlotte's room is pink and purple, too : )

Newborn hats

Such a sweet little face...and look at all that hair!

Newborn with hair

Doesn't hurt to get a few smiles as well : )

Smiling Newborn baby

Newborn Hairband

Newborn on suitcase

I had a really great time with Charlotte and her mom and am looking forward to some fun board game nights with our new found neighbour friends!


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