KODAK FLASHFUN | Woodstock Ontario Photographer

I have a confession to make.  I am addicted to the flea market.  I love shopping without an agenda.  You arrive with no expectations and often find the most interesting items!  The flea market in Woodstock is located in an old rundown factory.  From what I have heard they used to manufacture  upscale blinds there.  Now the building is in slight disrepair, but still perfect for housing rare finds, retro furniture and odd trinkets.  This week I found a cute little 1960s Kodak camera for $10. Lucky me, I even found some flashbulbs to go with it!  It takes 127 film (which Kodak stopped manufacturing back in 1995), but I have found some websites where it can still be purchased and developed.  I honestly don't even know if the camera will work, but I am excited to order some film for it.  It has been awhile since I've shot on film, but the whole process is kind of romantic.  With digital, we can fire off 24 shots in no time.  Back when you had to pay to develop it was a much bigger deal to take a photo!  You really had to think about it, and be sure you wanted to sacrifice that one frame.  Then there was the anticipation of developing your film.  So exciting to see how the prints turned out : )  What about you? Do you still get the urge to use your old film equipment?

Have you ever been tempted by an old flea market find?