LOST & FOUNDRY | Woodstock Ontario Photographer

Eureka Foundry, Woodstock Ontario

I was driving past the old Eureka foundry in Woodstock and noticed that it was being torn down...

For those of you that aren't family with it, the Eureka Foundry is located just off of Tecumseh Street in Woodstock Ontario.  Many people in Woodstock used to work there, and it has been around in some fashion since the 30s.  It has been owned by many different companies, but eventually went out of business around 2005 and has been sitting empty ever since.  It is pretty easy to access, making it a dream come true for Urban Explorers.

My friend and I spent quite a lot of time nosing around this place last summer.  It is surprisingly well preserved, and was really something to see!  We would hop on our bikes with cameras on our back, arriving to slowly tiptoe through the place.  At first it was a little spooky, but eventually our eyes would get used to the dim light and we'd be lost in the maze of what was left of old boilers, machinery and newfound homes for birds.

The factory itself is quite large, with several additions.  After several trips we had managed to see most of it.

I'm  glad we went through it when we did, as the large majority of it has been torn down now.

Below are some photos from last summer that we took during our visits to the plant:

This website provides a nice little history of the foundry: http://www.ontarioabandonedplaces.com/upload/wiki.asp?entry=3708