Meet Madison | Woodstock Baby Photography

I have some baby photography to share with you!  Lately it seems we're experiencing a mini baby boom in Woodstock.  I'm so lucky to get to photograph all these wonderful little families. Ever since moving back to Woodstock, I've been amazed at how many old friends I've managed to reconnect with!  I was lucky enough to meet up with a childhood friend, Stacy and photograph her new baby girl.  Stacy used to live next to my Grandparents when I was a kid and she and my sister would play for hours in her backyard.  It makes me feel old to realize we both have little ones of our own now!

Madison is a beautiful and sweet little girl, with the most easy going nature.  It was so much fun taking her picture and catching up with an old friend : )

Baby girl with headband

Love her little baby fingers!

Baby Vogue




She was so alert and didn't take her eyes off of her mom : )


mom and baby