Newborn Baby Girl | Woodstock Newborn Photographs

A beautiful and simple newborn session for a 7-day old baby girl, in Woodstock, Ontario. Simple and elegant newborn photography is my favourite.

This little girl happens to be very special to me,  because she is my niece!  This is the first Granddaughter for my parents.  We were all so excited to meet her and she ended up making one the most amazing entrances to the world that I've ever heard. My sister had a home birth (which was planned), but it ended up being unassisted!  Labour progressed faster than she expected and her midwife did not arrive quickly enough.  It became clear to my sister that the baby was on the way, so her husband had to catch the baby!  The midwives arrived moments later and confirmed that baby and mama were healthy and happy.  Dad was a little shell shocked, but everyone was so proud of him.

I'm sure this is one of those stories our family will be talking about for years!  It was an amazing night and everyone was so proud of my sister and her husband for getting through it.

My sister so happens to be a baby whisperer, too.  She photographs newborns and babies up to one year.  Check out her work,

Without further adieu, here is the beautiful, Kate:

Woodstock Newborn Photographer