Popular Mounted Print Layouts

I am so excited to be offering a large variety of mounted print options, including gallery wrap canvas!  As a way to assist my clients I wanted to provide some visual examples (courtesy of my awesome lab) that will allow you to envision what sizes will best suit your space. Unfortunately, these are not examples of my work in the photographs featured below, but it will give you a nice idea of appropriate print sizing for your home.  Bundle Pricing1

Bundle Pricing3

If you are going without a frame, the popular 8x10 is generally not big enough to carry itself.  I LOVE big art, so I always recommend to go as big as would be appropriate in the space.  When in doubt - cut foam board or a newsprint to size (or ask me for samples) and place in the desired location to see if the sizing feels right.  When choosing wall art I always recommend to go at least a size bigger than what you would think.  I've never heard anyone say, "Oh darn, the artwork we ordered is way too big for our space!".

Still unsure?  I am always happy to help you make selections for your home!