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Woodstock may be a tiny little city, but we make up for our small size with our entrepreneurial spirit.  Many are not aware of the wonderful new businesses that have opened up, so I wanted to feature a few local companies to show my appreciation.  There has been a lot of talk of the buy local movement and I wanted to pay a sort of hommage by shedding light on businesses that you should check out because, not only are they local...but they are also completely awesome.  Plus, it feels good to know who you are buying from.  When buying local you are supporting local families.  It makes me feel good to know that when I'm buying local I am supporting more than just a business--we are building a community.  Plus how awesome is it to actually enjoy shopping?  I love it when I can chat with the store owner and they actually remember what I bought last week and care about you.  They say customer service is a dying art.  I beg those of you with that opinion to check out my local business features in the coming months. This week I am featuring none other than the amazing staff at Salon Sixty One Spa.  I've known the owner Elissa for years (yes, that is her with the scissors). My mom and I are regular customers.  She even did my hair on my wedding day.  Wondering where the salon name comes from?  Elissa named the business after the date she took over the company.  Salon Sixty One has an amazing upbeat atmosphere and a team with serious talent.  

Salon Sixty One Woodstock

This really is the finest salon in Woodstock.  Not to mention, they are the only salon in town carrying Aveda products.  If you haven't tried out Aveda yet, you honestly need to run out and pick up a bottle of their rosemary mint shampoo, pronto.  They use natural botanicals, so the scents are amazing (and natural).  It will honestly make your morning!

My sister of Chelsea Lipskey Photo and I teamed up to capture the salon and introduce you to the team.

Salon 61 Woodstocksalon sixty one

Anne (pictured left) is an amazing stylist at the salon.  She has been with Salon Sixty One for a number of years now. Her style is precise, classic and sleek. You can find her latest work on the Salon Sixty One facebook page, here.

Michelle (pictured right) is the salons' esthetician. You can trust her with anything from your brows, lashes or nails (just to name a few). Her body treatments and facials use only the finest Aveda products. After you leave the salon, she will have you looking fabulous and feeling relaxed, too. She is also studying to become a stylist and will be taking on new clients for hair design in the future.


Jim (pictured right) is the newest stylist at the salon. We talked about the difference between a stylist and a barber.  He felt there was potential for some of the men in Woodstock to reinvent their look with a new hairstyle. Guys, don't feel your haircutting experience has to be restricted to a barber shop! Jim is a recent grad of the Hair Stylist program at Fanshawe and has a fresh knowledge of contemporary hair design.

I had so much fun spending time at the salon, and taking these photos. For such a busy salon, you really know how to keep your clients happy.  I think it's because they always take that extra bit of time with each customer.  Thanks to everyone at Salon Sixty One!  I'll be back to visit soon.

salon sixty one spa