Simple Summer Fun | Friday | Woodstock Ontario Photography

To celebrate the end of the year, we had a backyard campfire and tried out some sparklers! 

Simple Summer Fun: Campfire with Sparklers

I was trying to think of a fun thing to do for the end of the school year, and I ended up running out last minute to Phatboy Fireworks on Norwich Ave to grab some sparklers!  

We have a little fire pit and thought it would be fun to roast some marshmallows and run around in the backyard making things more sparkly :)

Part of the fun for Sam and I was trying to get some pictures.  We tried to draw hearts, spell his name and just see what our motions would do.  Apparently you can do this with your smart phone, too - so if you think your kids would like to try making pictures you can follow this tutorial I found, here.

Sparklers on Canada Day in Woodstock

I have two kids, and although staying up late like this isn't the norm, it was nice for my oldest to have some special mom & dad time without his baby sister. 

Backyard sparklers

He liked having us all to himself.  We looked at the stars, lit our marshmallows on fire and watched the fireflies do their thing.  

Sparklers by the Fire in Woodstock, ON

If you take part in any long weekend festivities I hope you have fun!  Oh, and one perk of my son staying up past bedtime?  He slept in!  I won't count on that happening too often, though :)

Sparklers writing out names, making hearts
Sparklers and Marshmallows for Canada Day

Happy Canada Day!