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Guide to planting an herb garden with kids

Simple Summer Fun: A Container Herb Garden

A selection of garden herbs for a kids planter garden project!

This is a fun little project that combines my sons love of digging in the sandbox with my love of a welcoming outdoor space!  I originally wanted to do a red + white Canada Day themed planter, but I wasn't sure if my 10 month old would try and eat my flowers! (she's at that age where everything goes in the mouth). Instead we planted edible herbs! Sam got to dig around in the soil and I got to have some greenery on my porch. They smell wonderful, they're easy to care for and my son loves to harvest different herbs at suppertime to spice up our meals. 

Everyone loves the fragrance of fresh herbs, including kitty cats!

We planted purple basil, rosemary, thyme and a lavender tree. Next time I think I'll include chives and maybe some cilantro. 

Fun Summer Project: Let your kids plant an herb garden in a deck planter. 

The nice thing about this summer activity is we've made it a daily ritual to mind our little container garden.  We check to see if they need water and my son has a little watering can he uses.  It teaches him to care for something and brings a bit of routine to our day. 

Use potting soil, carefully plant your herbs to the specified depth and water your new garden.  A great, low-tech, summer activity for kids. 

Give it a try!  All you need is a large planter, some potting soil and water.  I picked up my herbs at Zehrs, & the cute little lavender tree at the garden centre on Norwich Ave by the train tracks. Let me know if you plant some vegetables or herbs with your family. Share your summer fun with me on Instagram #woodstocksummerfun and follow me @rachael.little

Watering an edible herb garden.  Perfect summer project for little people. 

We had fun with this one -- and look it's safe for my 10 month old!

A baby standing near a planter garden. 

Happy Gardening!