Simple Summer Fun | Wednesday | Woodstock Photo Studio

A favourite summer activity for us is picking berries!  We usually do this at the cottage, and pick the berries in the wild, but this year we tried fresh local Ontario strawberries!  My kids loved it, and the entire berry field smelled amazing!  I don't think our basket of berries will last long. Photographed at Thames River Melons in Innerkip by Rachael Little Photography.   

Simple Summer Fun: Berry Picking

We took the kids out Strawberry picking at a farm outside of Innerkip!  It's a u-pick patch called, Thames River Melons.  Although I've picked berries many times in my life, I've never experienced picking at a commercial farm before.  We have always just picked berries at our cottage up north near Sault Ste Marie.  Raspberries + blueberries grow wild and we'd pick enough to make jam, pie, blueberry pancakes, and of course we'd save some to put on our ice cream. For me picking berries is just good old fashioned summer fun. (& the bonus is that it's fun that you can eat)

Photograph of a boy picking Ontario Strawberries at Thames Valley Melons in Innerkip Ontario. 

It was a bit chilli out when we picked.  Only in Canada can you dress your baby in a sweater + shorts and somehow it just makes sense. 

Photograph of family harvesting fresh strawberries. 
Baby reaching for berries while picking strawberries at an Ontario farm. 

At this farm, they take you to the patch in a golf cart. It was fun to drive over a little bridge and through the patch.  The man who drove us was a sweet older gentleman who told me all about the baby raccoons he found near his house :)

Boy showing off his harvest, and eating a strawberry from an Ontario You-Pick Farm in Innerkip.
Strawberry picking in Innerkip Ontario. 

Sam was really proud he filled up his little bucket. He wanted to eat the berries right away -- I'm sure they won't last long. In two weeks the raspberries should be starting, so I'm sure we'll be back for more.  Raspberry picking is a little more prickly, but I think we'll do ok.  

Strawberry picking near Woodstock, Ontario.
Local Ontario Strawberries

After you're done picking berries, what's your favourite way to enjoy them?  I'll eat them plain, or with milk + sugar -- or in a smoothie!  Mmmm!  Share with me on Instagram #woodstocksummerfun

I'm looking forward to seeing your photos!



PS - I thought I'd share a map to Thames River Melons because we had a nice experience there, and the berries were yummy! I hope this post inspires you to go out berry picking!