Streetfest Mommy & Me Photos | Baby Bumpz Woodstock

Streetfest Mommy & Me Photo Sessions at Baby Bumpz Woodstock

Mommy and Me Sessions hosted by Baby Bumpz in Woodstock, ON.  Photography by Rachael Little Photography at Streetfest in Woodstock. 

We are SO thrilled to announce...YOUR PHOTOS ARE READY FOR MOMMY + ME 2017!  This year was a year of changes for our Mommy & Me Sessions.  First, there was the fabulous Baby Bumpz retail going online, the new location of our tent, the sad demise of the legendary blue door...and then possible rain!  But despite all these changes this was our best year ever!  We managed to escape the rain!  We had some fresh locations at our disposal.  We were able to reach more Mom's than ever before.  We got to celebrate the LOVE and GOODNESS between mother's and their littles.  And most importantly....

Mom, YOU got in the picture!  

We are SO proud to be a part of that.  

We don't need to tell you that you're important, loved and a MIGHTY GIANT in the lives of your tiny humans. Your littles tell you every their own way.  Whether it be as direct as an, "I love you", or "Thanks Mom" or that BIG HUG you get when you pick them up from daycare.   Children SHOW love,  but it's kind of nice to SEE the GOODNESS in your relationship in picture form.  Just to freeze these tiny moments a little longer... 

Without further adieu, here are your pictures. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for letting us into your lives...even if it was only for 10 minutes :)

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Photographs of Moms with their babies at Streetfest in Woodstock, 2017.  Photographed by Rachael Little Photography!

Thank you for FIVE YEARS of Streetfest Fun!  



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