That Pregnancy Glow Part II

ThatPregnantGlowMeet Jenna and Kevin. They just might be the world's sweetest and cutest couple. And their family of two is about to get bigger...a LOT bigger! When I was first contacted by Jenna she told me that she was an esthetician, she was due in July, and that she was having twins!  Naturally I was thrilled to hear her insights on the whole pregnancy experience.

So I met with Jenna and her partner Kevin at the end of June.  They were honestly the most refreshing couple. Ever.  They invited me into their home, we enjoyed the fresh air on their back porch and chatted at length about this exciting time. You could see the sparkle in Kevin's eyes when he talked about the twin boys. Jenna had this calm but sweet nature about her. They both shared a gratitude and genuine gratefulness for the kindness of others during their pregnancy journey. Having twins can be challenging for many reasons, but they have been very lucky to have lots of help from friends and family.  Kevin remarked about all the generosity, "people are just so there for you".

Jenna's favourite part of being pregnant has been that it brings out an excitement in others. "Other people make you feel great.  People stop to talk to you just because you are pregnant!  When other people are so excited about your pregnancy, it's easy to be positive."

You really can't help but feel the joy when you're around an upbeat and happy pair like these two.  Jenna even said it herself that, "pregnancy seems to bring out the best in other people".  Honestly, I think she's right.  I left the session with happy thoughts.  Their enthusiasm is simply contagious!

Woodstock Maternity PhotographerJenna & Kevin experiences seemed amazingly positive so far!  When I asked Jenna about her biggest struggle during pregnancy she really had difficulty answering.  She shared it was a struggle not being able to do everything she'd like to do.  I don't think I'm the only one who shares this sentiment with her, either.  "Sometimes I'm just too tired and I hate asking other people to help me with things that need doing around the house.  When my ankles are swollen and I just need to get off of my feet for a while, I know others are happy to help, but I'm secretly worried they may think I'm just using my pregnancy as an excuse."

I know myself I totally felt the same way.  For example, I hated that I couldn't lift the bankers boxes by myself at my office.  Oddly enough it almost seemed like more work to ask someone else for help.  Luckily Jenna shared that she has found herself surrounded by helpful people, including her mate Kevin, who has affectionately named her pregnant belly, "Wilson" : )

Woodstock Maternity PhotographerJenna and Kevin were a dream to photograph.  You could really feel the excitement as they exchanged glances.

"One of the things that I love about having such amazing photos taken is that when you look beautiful, you feel beautiful and sometimes both can be a challenge during pregnancy. Your beautiful pictures definitely make me feel beautiful. When I look at them, I instantly smile and feel so lucky. I am not thinking about the swollen ankles or any of the general discomfort that has become a part of my daily life, only happiness and excitement. I am so grateful to have had this opportunity to receive such beautiful pictures. I know that in years to come, whenever I look at them I will feel so proud and it will help bring back all of the best memories of being pregnant."

Rachael Little Photography

Meeting with these two cuties really made me smile! I can't wait to meet their little twin boys who I will be photographing upon their arrival :)  Congratulations to you both. It goes without saying that you will be amazing parents!