That Pregnancy Glow

ThatPregnantGlowAhhh, yes. That pregnancy glow.  It was something that seemed elusive to me during my pregnancy journey. You'd hear about it all the time..."you're glowing" they would say to those other pregnant women. But...I just wasn't feeling it. Instead pregnancy brought me crazy weight gain (we won't discuss how much)...furious acne...and worst of all I was incredibly tired! I went from being a somewhat fit person to struggling to get up the stairs at work. Trying to get myself out of bed in the morning was like waking a bear from hibernation.   And the morning sickness--oh the morning sickness. And there was dizziness, too!  Well, you get the idea... Honestly though, I'm not really here to commiserate what seems to be my uniquely difficult pregnancy journey. Truth is, it wasn't really all that bad. Looking back I may have been the only person who actually thought I looked fat or lacked the "glow". I was so overjoyed that we were having a baby, but I wasn't so overjoyed (or prepared) for my body being the subject of what seemed like everyone's conversations. With all the changes going on, it was easy for me to take a well meaning comment the wrong way.

"You're getting so much bigger".

What?  I'm getting bigger?  Am I too big?  Are you calling me fat?  

"You can't even tell you're pregnant!"

Oh no!  I feel huge!  Am I too small?  Am I eating enough nutritious food for the baby to be healthy?  

And it goes on...and on...and on...

The truth is I don't think I was the only pregnant women who felt uncomfortable getting all sorts of sudden attention.  Now of course there are people who totally love the way their body is changing and show off that belly with pride.  I so badly wanted to be that person!  It's just that between feeling crummy, being tired and the beloved pregnancy induced acne I just didn't want to focus on my appearance more than what was necessary.  I didn't even get maternity photographs done.  Yes.  I said it.  This photographer didn't have maternity pictures taken...and I actually really regret it.   

Looking back I now realize that I was sooooo lucky to have a fairly uneventful, healthy and somewhat amazing pregnancy.  Yes it really was amazing.

What pregnancy isn't amazing, though?  I don't mean to state the obvious, but you are growing a real-live-human-being in that tummy of yours.  A REAL LIVE PERSON!  It's really quite incredible and when you stop thinking about how you look and instead focus on the brand new life you are creating it's hard not to feel beautiful!  You will know when that moment hits you and your state of mind changes.   You realize that a new life for a new person is about to begin -- and it's because of you.  And to me, after realizing that, you won't be able to help but radiate that pregnant glow.

I wanted to interview four different pregnant mamas about their pregnancy journey and of course...photograph them during this amazing time.  I have so many fabulous stories to share...excitement, woes, worries, anticipation and of course, love.  These are four strong and inspiring women that I had a truly wonderful time getting to know better.  I hope you enjoy this blog series as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

Mark your calendar...I will be featuring Jenna on Tuesday and can't wait to share some of her wisdom, stories and photographs.

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