That Pregnancy Glow Part III

ThatPregnantGlow Welcome to day three of my five part blog series featuring pregnant mamas.  If you missed Monday & Tuesday's post you may want to read them first.  Check out mine and Jenna's stories here.

Meet Jamie. She is a strong, soulful and confident mama-to-be.  We met up and chatted a lot about photography, her pregnancy and women's body image.

Woodstock Maternity PhotographerRachael:  What have you struggled most with during your pregnancy?

Jamie: Body image.  Definitely. It's hard to get used to how you feel. Your thighs feel flabby, your arms feel flabby. Letting yourself have that confidence is important. You can feel beautiful if you just let yourself feel beautiful.

Rachael: What have you enjoyed most about the way your body has changed?

Jamie: I think you really get to know your body more. You get to know your limitations. You may stop for a cramp, where before you may not have. You pay more attention. When it's your baby you are thinking about, you have to listen to your body more.

Rachael:  Is capturing your pregnancy through photography important to you?

Jamie:  Yes, it's very important. This is my first pregnancy to look back on. I think you have to be confident enough to have photos done because these are going to be memories for me and my daughter to look back on. I chose professional photographs because I pictured doing something earthy. I wanted to show a connection with the earth. I wanted something more beautiful that I can display in my home. I like having a professional for these sorts of moments, because you can see something that I can't see.

Rachael:  You mentioned to me earlier that you are planning family photos with your partner when the baby is born. Why did you choose to let him sit the maternity session out?

Jamie:  I am doing these photos for me. Some people do boudoir photography for themselves. That is kind of the place where I am coming from. Maternity sessions don't have to be with your partner. Free yourself enough to feel sexy and pretty.You don't have to pull a Tyra Banks and wear eyelash extensions. You just have to do it and do it for yourself. You won't regret having them done, but you could regret not having them done. Maternity WoodstockMaternity Heart on Belly