That Pregnancy Glow Part IV

ThatPregnantGlowI have an amazing family here on the blog today. Meet Marie, Chad and their wonderful family of four...soon to be five. Easton and Alee will have a new baby sister, Quinn, in about a month. You can tell they are excited as their Mom and Dad are.  Quinn will be so lucky to have a big brother and sister to grow with.  (side note: Don't you just LOVE the name Quinn?)  We had some fun playing around at the park.  It was so awesome to see all the fun new baby Quinn will have in store when she's old enough to be running around, too! Pregnancy GlowAfter we tired ourselves out, Marie and I ventured off to do some portraits of her.  As I understand, there was ice cream waiting at home for Easton & Alee, so they happily obliged to missing out on this portion of the session :)

Marie and I had a chance to chat about pregnancy, her growing family and of all things, her love of photography.

Rachael:  This is your third pregnancy.  What has been your biggest struggle while pregnant this time around?

Marie:  Trying to feel like myself...not just a pregnant version of myself.  I'm still me and want to run and play with the kids.  It can be hard with the restrictions that are put on you.  I want to be able to do what I always have done, but people think you cannot because you are pregnant. 

Rachael:  What are you enjoying most about the changes in your body?

Marie: Being able to have a belly!  It's a belly and I love my belly.  I know it's going to go away, so I'm going to embrace it and love having it.  I just love looking down at my belly and knowing it is my baby and just watching her kick.

Rachael: Do you feel it's important to document this time with photography?

Marie:  Yes, very much so.  I didn't do maternity photos with my other two. I've never been in the spotlight or centre of the photograph before.  I want Quinn and I to be able to look back at these photos in years to come. Sometimes you just have to take these moments for yourself. I do wish I did with my other two.  I'd rather have those photos done professionally.  A professional knows you differently and adds an art to the photograph.  I enjoy the art of photography and being able to showcase it.  I like having variety and something different than the same belly photos using a camera phone in the mirror or in front of a wall. Maternity PhotographyMy favourite thing that Marie talked about was just enjoying the present moment.  "I love sitting and watching TV with Chad and just watching my belly move. I know this will all change soon.  I'm very excited about Quinn being here soon, but I'm also enjoying every moment that I have now."

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