That Pregnancy Glow V

ThatPregnantGlowThe final chapter of "That Pregnant Glow" is upon us.  Of course I saved you a wonderful photo session with an amazing couple.  They are first time parents, a hardworking couple and absolutely adorable lovebirds.  Chatting with these two reminded me of what it was like when I first fell in love with my husband : )

Meet Chris and Christie.  When Christie was in college she worked at the Tim Horton's drive through.  Chris noticed Christie after going through her line a couple of times, but he was shy.  Christie told me that she liked him too, but didn't know if he felt the same.  After about a week of going through the drive through he had the courage to ask her out at the drive through window!  They have been together ever since :) Don't they make the cutest couple?  It's quite easy to see the love these two have for each other...and their baby boy to be!

Maternity Photographer WoodstockWhen I arrived at their house I was in love with the white picket fence and their adorable pooch!  We sat on their porch, admired the garden and chatted about Christie's pregnancy so far.  

Rachael: What has been the biggest struggle with how you feel during your pregnancy? 

Christie: It sounds vain, but the changes to my body.  You really don't realize what you are going to go through until you are pregnant.  People often feel they can comment on your body, and I'm just too polite to say anything!

Rachael: What have you enjoyed most about the way your body has been changing?

Christie: I like showing off that I'm pregnant!  I've been doing a  monthly photo and I know the bigger I'm getting the healthier he's getting.  

Rachael: Is capturing your pregnant self important to you?  

Christie: For us it is because we weren't sure if we could have babies.  For us this is amazing.  We know looking back these will be the best memories.  I always try and think of the people who can't have children.  It's hard to even believe your body can do these things.  As he grows, when you feel him's just so amazing!

Rachael: A lot of people choose not to have professional photography for their maternity photos.  Did you have the same objections? 

Christie:  I was a little nervous at first. I thought, "What if I look bad?"  Then I thought, "oh well!"  I want to have these photos to look back at and show them to my son.  At this point I'm thinking more about him (our baby). Woodstock PhotographerChris's family owns a farm  just outside of town.  We ventured out to the farm and played with the cows and the horses!  The farm was beautiful. You could tell Chris and Christie feel right at home outside. What a wonderful environment for their new baby boy to grow up in!  Such a beautiful and peaceful place.  What an amazing way to spend an evening!

Maternity Photos FarmI hope that you enjoyed this maternity series.  I guess it goes without saying that I really wish every Mom or Mom-to be would get front of the camera. It doesn't  matter if you choose to take photos by yourself or hire a professional.  Regardless of how you do it, I think it is so important to document your pregnancy. Whether you feel gorgeous or not, you just have to get up the nerve to do it. It's very hard for us women to get in front of the camera (trust me, I know), but your kids will look back on these photographs and won't notice the flaws we see. They will only see the amazing person and Mom that they love!  And of course, you will look back and realize how awesome you looked then and wished you actually knew it at the time. I promise.   Farm Maternity