The Perfect Location | Rachael Little Meadow Sessions

My inspiration for choosing the perfect location for your family photography session. Hint: it's not just pretty scenery and fancy looking monuments.  Some great tips on how to work backwards to best decide on your location. 

What defines the perfect location?

Location, location, location. It's discussed a lot before a photography session. Location IS important, but for different reasons that you may think.
Reflect upon your last "blissfully happy moment".  Go ahead; think about the smells, the sights and sounds.  Where were you?  What were you thinking about? Who did you see?  How did you feel?
For example, last night I went for a walk with my husband and son to watch the Oxford Winds play an outdoor concert. We live busy lives, so this simple walk made my day.  My mind goes to the fragrant smell of the fresh air, the warm smile on my son's face while he listened to the music and the gracious feeling of being with my family.
When choosing a location, my biggest advice is to take the time to reflect upon these moments for inspiration.  What sort of feeling do you want your images to convey? Happy? Carefree? Serious? Emotive?

Once you've reflected upon your feelings, you can consider an activity to match that. Something as simple as a walk to get ice cream at Bartley's; or a more complex plan, like a family game of miniature golf.

As you can see, from here the location kind of falls into place! I think of it as "reverse-engineering your photography location".

I believe your photographs should pull firmly at your heartstrings. Your memories are more than just a pretty picture at a nice location.

Meadow Sessions
In light of this, I am offering playful & fun sessions at a location near and dear to my heart.  I'll be booking a limited number of Meadow Sessions during July & August only.  Playful, emotive sessions with images that will tug at your heartstrings.
If you're interested in hearing more, or why this location is special, hit reply.  I'd love to hear from you.