Three Boys | Woodstock Baby Photography

A newborn session photographed with cool whites and greys.  Features the natural newborn style with baby led posing and soft neutrals. Photographed by Rachael  Little Photography in Woodstock Ontario. 

You may remember when I photographed these two cheeky boys, and their family during my sunset maternity session in June.  Well baby brother has arrived, and he's adorable!

Meet Noah. *sigh* That pout! Those cheeks!  He'll fit right in with his older brothers: good natured, sweet and soo soo soooo adorable! 

Portrait of family of five with three boys! Photographed in Woodstock, Ontario by Rachael Little Photography. 

These boys LOVED their little brother.  I think it's safe to say that they'll have lots of adventures together!  Big Brother Graham had so many kisses for "his baby".  It made my heart melt!

I love getting close-ups of all the little details during a session!

Newborn Photography: Close-up detail shots of tiny fingers, nose and lips. Photographed by Rachael Little Photography in Woodstock, ON

Those tiny fingers.  The little white dots on a babies nose.  All those things change quick and you have to capture them while they're little!!

A newborn session featuring neutral fabrics and natural poses. Rachael Little Photography in Woodstock. 
Newborn Photography: Side lying pose wrapped and tushie up.  Neutral colours and soft high key lighting. Photographed in Woodstock by Rachael Little Photography. 

I hope you enjoyed this session!  I love sharing these glimpses into a newborn session at my studio. If you have any suggestions or questions I can answer for you in future blog posts, please email me at




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