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My top five tips for great headshots & professional portraits!

A great headshot can make our break your online presence.  Anyone who uses social media for business should consider how their online profile affects how customers may view them. Your headshot should be current and show a little bit of your personality, too!  It should be a reflection of your work, and set you apart from others in your field.  You may be asking yourself how to achieve this?  Here are five targeted tips aimed at getting you a headshot that will get you noticed:

#1  Solid Bold Colours

Choose colours that are rich and don't have a lot of pattern. You want potential customers to notice YOU -- not the pattern on your shirt.  Dark colours look great on a dark background, light colours look great on a lighter background.

#2  DON'T Say Cheese!! A great headshot will show your true personality.  You want people to feel a genuine connection with you prior to your first appointment.  Forced and cheesy smiles won't bring that connection.  Instead, a good photographer will try and make your laugh in a natural way.  I want to see a nice natural smile that will show in your eyes. If you are having a friend or family member take your headshot, get someone who is funny!  A genuine smile goes a long way. 

#3  Hair + Makeup Matters

Hair + makeup:  in that order.  I often recommend women wear their hair down (if long).  It's quite flattering to the face, and adds movement to the images. Hair with a bit of wave looks fantastic, too. For men, it's a great idea to get your hair cut a few days prior to the headshots for a clean polished, look. Facial hair should be neat + tidy, too.  Makeup looks best when natural and matte finish (no shine or sparkle).  A good photographer will retouch blemishes, so no need to stress if an unsightly spot shows up the morning of your session.

#4 Approachable + Confident

The camera angle should be at, or slightly below eye-level for a confident look.  Photographing from above will give a "weak" look: a definite no-no for headshots!  Having said that, you want to appear approachable (that's where the natural smile comes in). Looking directly into the camera is a must as it builds trust.

#5 Environment

Headshots don't have to be taken in studio. Try taking your photograph at your place of work for a fresh modern approach.  Picture a chef featured in front of his/her restaurant, or an artist working in studio! Depending on where you plan to use the images (website, blog, social media), adding some images of you in action will really help your potential customers to connect with you. Try telling a story with several images in order to better explain WHAT you do and WHY.  Using actual images of your business (rather than stock photography) for your website adds a lot of legitimacy to what you do and creates a bigger impact on local customers.

Headshots in Woodstock Ontario

Most of all, have fun!   As someone who is nervous having their photograph taken myself, I can relate to the "pre-camera jitters".  Most photographers will work to make you feel comfortable and confident during the session.

If you are in need of professional portraits in Woodstock for your website, LinkedIn profile or your business cards, get in touch with me for more information.

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