Totally freaked out about your maternity session? 8 reasons to rrrrelax.

Maternity sessions may just be my favourite type of photography. You know the feeling of butterflies you get when your baby kicks?  I LOVE to capture the essence of that feeling in images.  I get just plain giddy when I see parents relive that feeling when they look at their photographs!

Despite my enthusiasm, I sometimes hear from moms-to-be that they get a bit nervous about maternity sessions.  Not sure if it's the changes in their body...all the newfound attention...or maybe it's just a simple case of camera anxiety. Either way I'm here to tell you why you can relax!!
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#1 - You are beautiful! 

Let's face it.  Because of YOU there will be a new life brought into the world!  You are strong, beautiful and those qualities need to be celebrated.  What's amazing is that the love you radiate for your baby will shine through the photos and will add to that beauty!

#2 - I will direct you

Many moms-to-be are concerned that they won't know what to do once they get in front of the camera.  Not to worry!  I am an EXPERT at posing and directing women.  It's my job to show you exactly how to pose so that the images bring out your natural beauty!  I encourage you to tell me during our consultation about any insecurities you may have about a particular body part, pose, etc., and we can ensure you are feeling confident!  We will also chat wardrobe and what clothes will flatter you most while you're expecting.

#3 - I will retouch your blemishes

Case of pregnancy acne?  I still get the odd blemish and my baby was born almost 2 years ago!  You don't have to worry about any last minute breakouts, though. All images are retouched to remove blemishes.

#4 - It will be fun!

I won't torture you!  Photography really isn't as serious as people make it out to be.  Sessions with me are fun!  I love what I do and the enthusiasm seems to rub off on people.  I apologize in advance for my cheesy sense of humour - but we get goofy.  I promise you will leave with a smile on your face.

#5 - Your partner will see you with fresh eyes

You want your partner to take part in the session, but are worried he won't be entirely...umm...cooperative?  I've heard it before, and although I'm not a miracle worker, I can generally coax a reluctant mate in to getting his photograph taken with you.  It's all about making him feel comfortable (oh, and I won't make him do anything too cheesy).  One thing we often forget is that not all the images have to be of you as a couple...we can take some beauty portraits of just you, and your partner will LOVE them.  Honestly not a session has gone by that I haven't heard a partner utter, "you look so pretty" when they got the prints back.
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#6 - No excuse needed for a pamper session

No one needs an excuse to pamper themselves...but what better reason that for a photography session?  This can mean a trip to the salon before your session, or even having a friend stop by to add a few curls to your hair...or help you paint your toenails.  It doesn't take a lot of planning, and feeling your best will help you relax.

#7 - Your comfort is my first priority

When we do our consultation we will plan out the location, chat wardrobe ideas, and determine the overall look you desire for the images.  The flexibility of frequent bathroom breaks, short walks and snacks are ALL on worked into this plan!  When I was pregnant I used to get dizzy quite frequently, but it was all fine and dandy if I just listened to my body. I will not rush you or make you to do anything that puts you or your baby at risk.  We can make great images AND keep you comfortable and happy, too!

#8 - You're going to LOVE the images

Everyone deserves to have a beautiful portrait of themselves. Pregnant or not.
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Expecting a child is an emotional time for some, and an easier ride for others. But usually it is both easy and hard...exciting and scary...exhilarating and exhausting.  Each pregnancy brings something it your first, second or third.  Each with different thoughts and new challenges on the horizon.  This is because pregnancy is inherently unique to each person.  Because of this the images I take will be unique to you, and not just some cookie cutter version of what maternity photos 'should' be.
Here's to feeling confident and beautiful in your skin!