I’m a newborn + family photographer based in Woodstock, Ontario ♥️

I’m always amazed, that after six years in business I STILL get butterflies of excitement before a shoot. Taking pictures of your life is a really big deal to me. I LIVE for those little “in-between” moments….the sweet looks a new mom gives her baby, the goofy side of a Dad playing with his kids at the park, the sweet curiousity an older sibling has for his baby brother. What drives me is that connection I see between families. My wish for you, is that when you look back on your photographs, you’ll really FEEL what you felt in those days…those moments…10…20…30 years later. To me, that’s a beautiful thing.


You can usually find me photographing sleepy babies by day + sweet families at sunset. I’m a mom to two kiddos and married my handsome husband back in 2010 . We live a pretty simple life & love small pleasures with lots of family time. On weekends I’m usually makin’ big breakfasts with my husband, going for nature walks with my kids, have living room dance parties with my daughter and playing games on our ‘very retro’ Super Nintendo with my son.

Here are some facts about me:

  • I am a genuine people person. I believe that each & every person has a story just waiting to be told. You never know how your words can have a positive impact on someone who may be struggling or needing a little reassurance.

  • My favourite little indulgence is a Maple Syrup Latte from Beantown. I love supporting local shops and have a bit of a sweet tooth :)

  • I originally went to college for Film Production. I worked at a commercial production company in Toronto for a year before I decided to move back to Woodstock and met my husband. I KNEW I loved visual storytelling, but it took me awhile to figure out my medium.

  • In college I worked on a documentary called, “Hotel Torgo”. We road tripped it all the way to El Paso Texas and interviewed the remaining members of a strange, mysterious film crew who produced the worst movie ever made. If you’re a film nerd and you’ve heard of, “Manos, the Hands of Fate” you’ll have to watch our doc. It was shown at some of the festivals and was aired on Canadian cable tv from time to time.

  • I shoot with a Canon 5D Mark iii, Canon 5D Mark ii and my go to lenses are the 135mm 2.0 and 24-70mm 2.8. Honourable mention to my 100mm macro and 50mm.

  • If you’ve seen any of the Footprints Dance Centre Billboards — then you’ve seen my images! I started working with the studio back in 2016 and just fell in love with everyone there. They’ve welcomed me with open arms…even though I’m a terrible dancer :) Now I take my 2 year old for lessons and she loves it!

  • Over the years I have taken many hands-on workshops, received one-on-one mentoring and worked as a second shooter for a wonderful wedding photographer named Gustavo Vergara from whom I’ve learned a lot. My advice to new photographers is to keep shooting everyday, challenge yourself and don’t caught up in the gear race. Create images that make you FEEL something and you can’t go wrong.

  • I’ve been freelancing for Real Estate Magazine for the last 5 years and have had my images make the cover 6 times since 2014.

  • I am the proud co-founder of “Streetfest Mommy & Me Sessions”. The event was started back in 2013 by myself, Chelsea Lipskey Photography + Baby Bumpz. At the time were on a mission to get Moms in front of the camera. Since then we’ve photographed over 200 Mommy & Me Sessions during Woodstock Summer Streetfest. The sessions now sell out in a matter of hours & have been going strong for 6 years and counting. The best part is seeing Mamas and their babies come back year after year...always growing & changing. It’s is one of my favourite parts of summer.

  • One of my favourite hobbies is caring for my houseplants. I used to be a plant killer…but after being gifted a snake plant from Jaclyn Harper, I learned that I CAN keep plants alive. If you follow me on Instagram you can see my humble urban jungle in my stories from time to time. A few of my favourites are my Peperomia, my Aloe plant and my prized pig…Figgy the Fiddle Leaf Fig.

  • I fell in love with newborn photography after my son was born in 2012. His adorable little face is what really pushed me to learn the craft and go full time.

  • Every year I choose a community based non-profit or charitable cause or two to donate my time to. I’ve been a photography adjudicator at the Embro Fair, I’ve had the pleasure of photographing Rise Against Cancer for a number of years + donated sessions to a variety of fundraisers & silent auctions such as The Woodstock Navy Vets & Xavier’s Hope, just to name a few. It’s given me the opportunity to meet some inspiring people, and get involved in our community, too.

  • If you’re still reading this…you’re amazing! Maybe you’ve learned a little something about me, too. Have a look around my site, check out the images and if we’re a good fit, let’s chat!